Seven for Parties recognizes today's public health concerns. We are committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment for our guests, staff, and vendors.

We have initiated a multi-point response to the current public health challenge and are continuously assessing and adapting to the situation. Below please find information related to what we are actively doing as we move our facility safely forward:

For your Safety and Confidence, below is what we are doing EVERY DAY:


To provide peace of mind in planning your next event, each Seven for Parties rental contract includes terms that allow the client to postpone to a future event date should their original event date be interrupted due to government action during a pandemic.

Temperature Monitoring

Staff, vendors, and guests will be required to have their temperature taken prior to entering Seven for Parties. Those that pass will receive a sticker to wear to indicate that they have passed. Those who do not pass will not be able to enter the facility.

Live Streaming Options

We have a wireless internet infrastructure that can easily accommodate a multi camera, intensive live stream event. We have a vendor now offering in-house live streaming options so that those guests unable to physically attend the event don’t miss a moment -- they can even interact with guests via live messages displayed on our walls.

Updated Vendor Agreements

Each vendor and their staff members assigned to your event will be required to have their temperature taken and be asked to complete a health symptoms questionnaire.

Flexible Space for Both Smaller or Larger Events

Our size enables comfortable physical distancing for even larger groups. Also, we offer multiple oversized couches, at no extra charge, that can be easily configured to segment the open space into a smaller, more intimate environment.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Guests will be provided hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility with high quality, antiseptic, alcohol-based hand sanitizer to kill bacteria and viruses.