We are open Saturdays from 11AM – 4PM or you can schedule a tour by calling 214-748-5559 or emailing info@wendykrispincaterer.com
Just be sure to call ahead. On Saturdays from 11-4 pm we are available for tours for both Seven for Parties and our other venue, 129 Leslie.
It seats approximately
300+ total, depending on the configuration of your event. If you are planning a stand-up cocktail reception, Seven for Parties can accommodate 450 or more guests.
There is parking surrounding the building. We do recommend valet parking for most events and we arrange for that. Valets are provided for the convenience of your guests to make the event flow well.
The Hilton Anatole and Hilton Garden Inn are 2 miles away at 35 and Market Center. Also nearby are the W Hotel, Magnolia, Double Tree, Hyatt and Marriott.
Yes. The rental fee includes a security guard and additional security guards can be booked for larger parties. Also, valet is on duty.
Yes, but the original color must be restored after your event.
Yes, as long as all holes are repaired. An additional deposit is required. This must be cleared with WKC before the event.
Colored confetti is not allowed; only white confetti is allowed. Birdseed, rice, decals, stickers, silly string, glue, tape, nails, screws or staples and any other similar materials that could cause harm to animals, people or vehicles are prohibited. No hazardous, poisonous and/or flammable materials may be used.
Lounge furniture can be used or removed. Whichever you prefer. There are some antique pieces that cannot be moved, such as book shelves, side boards and armoires.
Our average event is anywhere from 150 to 250 guests. The Library and entrance are nice for a smaller party – 60-80 guests – and is also used for a ceremony area. By placement of furnishings and lighting we can create and intimate affair or make it as grand as you want. For a cocktail reception we can host 470 guests.


We have a list of 8 approved caterers: Wendy KrispinCaterer; Glorious Food; Gil’s Fine Catering, Pappas, Michael Golman, Party Maker and spice of Life.
For charity events or fundraisers accommodations may be considered. We understand the need to be flexible. For all other events, your caterer will need to provide us with their worker’s comp insurance, liability insurance of $2 million and pay a 10% food and beverage fee. We will do our best to provide you a price that is in your budget.
If your caterer does not have workers’ comp, WKC will provide the staff.
No. Only alcohol and in the case of weddings or birthday parties a cake which has to be from a licensed facility. There may be a circumstance for fundraisers or charities where we will consider the option, thank you.
Yes, but it is not a full kitchen. We have a refrigerator, sink, small ice maker and counter space. Most caterers either bring equipment to cook with on site, prep outside in a tent or bring food that is mostly prepared.
This depends on the other events. If nothing else is in-house we will allow up to 5 days prior to the event. If there are events the day before we will allow a 9:00AM set-up.
Unless we have an event scheduled the next day it should not be a problem. However, it must be discussed ahead of time and it must be removed on the agreed day.
Yes, we have square and round china and all glassware. We also have relationships with POSH, M&M, BBJ, Ducky Bobs and Celebration to accommodate your needs and desires. We also have a selection of table cloths for rental.


Yes, you can provide alcohol for your guests. All alcohol must be served by a TABC certified bartender and we will require copies of those certificates.
We do not charge a corking fee or any fees for you to provide your own alcohol.
Yes. We just need copies of the servers’ certificates.
Cash bars may be provided by WKC or, if you are a licensed caterer, you would post the permit and be able to comply with our caterers’ agreement.


Yes. The building is equipped with a projector that plays DVDs or PowerPoint presentations, ambient sound system, WiFi and an iPod connector. DJ’s will be needed if you want loud events but our system is great for background music.


We have dates available throughout the year. Please call to inquire about your preferred date. Events are booked first come, first serve.
The venue, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, security guard, stage and bars to serve from. Use of projectors, sound system, LED up lighting and two gobo projectors are included.
Typically 2 hour set-up for the caterer, 6 hour party and an hour clean-up. We would like parties over by midnight with vendors out by 1:00AM. Later events may require an additional fee.
We are flexible but a 50% deposit is customary with the signed contract. The remainder is due in full 30 days before the event date. You also can make monthly payments in advance of your event if you are budget-conscious.
We prefer deposits to be made by check as well as the security deposit check of $1,000.00
The building must look the same as when you first rented it. All vendors’ materials, items brought in by you or guests must be removed. Caterers must clean kitchen space and clear tables. All garbage is to be removed from venue. Ultimately you are responsible as the renter, but the caterer should clean up to abide by the contract.
Seven for Parties does not have storage facilities. We may be able to hold onto something for a day or so, however, we cannot guarantee that. You must contact us within 24 hours of your event if you have left something. You must arrange for a time to pick it up. You must pick it up within 1 week of your party.
New Year’s Eve rates are always higher since it is a prime evening.
Call Wendy Krispin Caterer at 214-748-5559. We can set up your appointment for a tour. On Saturdays from 11-4 pm we are available for tours for both Seven for Parties and our other venue, 129 Leslie.